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Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A.

We grow wellness and development for the



Agrokasa produces, packs and markets avocados, table grapes, asparagus and blueberries in fresh conditions, meeting the needs of our clients and carrying out their activities based on the following premises:

  • Investing in the human and technological development of our collaborators, through ensuringaccess to cutting-edge equipment and processes, as well as promoting a constant improvement duringevery stage of the business.
  • Caring for the Environment, ensuring the Occupational Health of our collaborators and maintaining a relationship of support with the Communities where we develop our activities.
  • Aligning the interests of our Clients and the Local Environment with those from our Collaborators and Shareholders.


Agrokasa sewill gain recognition of their clients, thanks to the high quality of their products and the logistic and business services that we provide to them.

Agrokasa will maintain its national leadership position in the export of fresh produce, such as avocados, table grapes, asparagus and blueberries.

Agrokasa will base its success in a timely adaptation to change, by constantly promoting innovation as the means to generate value for the company.

Agrokasa will be a company where the workers pride themselves because of the high professional standards, the community outreach, the commitment with occupational safety and health, as well as respect for the environment.


Commitment: We take the purpose, vision, values and objectives of the company as our own.

Teamwork: We collaborate to achieve common goals.

Respect: We act with consideration towards others and everything around us; we build relationships of trust.

Honesty: We act with the truth at all times.

Responsability: We take into account both, the business and the environment.

Agrokasa’s History

Every good family has a story to tell:

Founded in 1995


Human Rights Policy

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. is committed to support and observe the internationally recognized fundamental human rights, making sure not to be an accomplice in any form of abuse or violation of these among employees, providers, contractors, collaborators, partners, competitors and the society in general.


Legality in every action

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. does not take part in any action that may compromise or jeopardize the legality and the fundamental ethic principles.

Rejection of any type of discrimination

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. does not accept any type of discrimination on the grounds of age, race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, sexual orientation, social origin or disability.

Respect towards the people (rejection of forced labor, child labor and lack of freedoms)

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A., by adopting work practices compatible with the International Labor Organization conventions, prohibits forced labor in any way.

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. promotes a safe childhood, eradicating child labor by using work admission requirements.

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. defends the freedom of affiliation, association and effective recognition to the right of collective negotiation.

Commitment and formalization

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. by means of their Code of Conduct and specific protection mechanisms against work and sexual harassment, establishes methods and procedures for the detection, complaint, protection and suppression of actions or behaviors against the basic social rights and the established ethical principles.

Defense, promotion and dissemination of Rights

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. rejects any type of expression of physical, psychological or moral harassment, or abuse of authority, or any other behavior that may intimidate or offend a person’s rights. In the same way, promotes respect towards human rights among the societies and communities where they operate, and encourages a decent and respectful treatment of every person indoors and outdoors.

Commitment to third parties

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. promotes these rights along their supply chain by means of their Ethical Principles and commercial relationships with their providers, contractors and collaborators.

Supervision and collaboration with the authorities

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A., via administrative diligence by de Code of Conduct Commission, monitors and corrects any abuse committed against the Human Rights and, if needed, escalates the issue to the competent judicial authority, cooperating with them as required.

Due diligence

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. are performed with due diligence so it won’t violate but will respect third parties rights and mitigate the negative consequences of their activities.

Integrated Policy

Sociedad Agrícola DROKASA S.A. (AGROKASA) meets the needs of their clients and end consumers. Provides agricultural products and logistic services that fulfill the requirements of the different worldwide markets, putting emphasis in producing safe, legal and quality foods.

In the trade area its strategy is to diversify markets and develop new products and presentations according to their client’s requests. In order to achieve this in a competitive way, we have personnel trained and committed to the company as well as their policies and values. It also uses continuous improvement and technologies as tools in order to sustain such competitiveness.

Agrokasa complies with the local laws referring to labor issues and care for the environment; favors its relationship with the local community and is committed with preventing contamination. All this within a long-term view and sustainable development vision. Grants transparency to the relationship with their clients and local and international communities by performing external audits carried out by recognized companies.